Difference Between Medical Spas and Day Spas

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The spa industry, represented by a gamut of relaxation, nourishment and beautification treatment services has experienced explosive growth, thanks to the renewed focus on anti-aging, health and beauty. The modern spas offer a myriad of services beyond the traditional massage facials, and mani/pedi cures. A variety of cosmetic procedures such as laser treatments and fillers are now commonplace in the spa domain.

If spas are all about feeling good, you might ask, what’s really in a name? A spa is a spa, right? After all, spas have a common mission-make you feel rejuvenated and fresh after leaving the premises. But did you know that there’re actually a very real distinction between the medical spa and the day spa?

It’s essential that you’ve a rudimentary understanding of the difference between the two so that you can know what to expect from your spa experience. Read on to discover the key differences between the medi and day spas.


The cosmeticians who provide services in the spas can be used to form a robust distinction between the two. In a medical spa, cosmetic operations are overseen by a licensed health care professional who has the primary role of offering comprehensive medical and wellness care services.

On the other hand, the day spas are overseen by beauty technicians, licensed aestheticians/cosmetologists or resort management companies.

Services offered

The services offered in the spas also provide a distinctive ground for separation. Medical spas in Houston are manned by licensed medical professionals such as dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and doctors, and therefore the medi spas offer an enhanced menu of medically inclined procedures such as laser treatment, skin toning, acne treatment program specialized skincare treatments such as chemical peel and microdermabrasion and non-invasive fat removal treatments such as Kybella.

Conversely, individuals visiting the day spa can also enjoy a myriad of non-medical skin treatments such as waxing, threading, therapeutic services, hair and nail care and non-medical facials.


A visit to the day spa feels more like a mini-vacation, from the mounting pressure of life. The day spas are more oriented towards a luxurious experience, and it’s common to find the day spas offering a comfy and relaxing atmosphere under one roof, through incorporating inviting aesthetics such as soothing music, soft and ambient lighting, glamorous décor and pampering services.

On the flip side, the medi spas have an objective and purposeful atmosphere. While the medi spas borrow most of their cues from a typical doctor’s office, they combine a degree of luxury with clinical medicine. At a medi spa, expect to hear more about the procedure, who is to perform them, its effect and when to be done, just like a typical doctor’s office.


The medi spas deal with a spectrum of medical-oriented operations ranging from mild to complex surgical procedures. Therefore, the medi spas are filled with complex and technologically advanced amenities to cater for the different operations.

The day spas have less complex equipment that is often in line with the provision of human services such as waxing, massage, manicure, hairstyles, and makeup.

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